How much do you value peace of mind?

How much do you value your peace of mind?

We live in an uncertain world and nobody has the foresight to know exactly how life is going to treat us.

You can however reduce some uncertainties in your life by making sure that you and your family are financially protected from the fall out following an untimely death, critical illness or loss of income due to an accident or ill health.

Insurance may be the most important financial product you ever buy. Too many people ignore the financial risks from living without it.

According to recent research into the level of life assurance in the UK – only around 30% of households have life insurance meaning that 2 thirds of households are without adequate financial protection.

Life insurance pays out a lump sum on death, and that can mean the difference between financial support or a tragedy for a family if the main bread winner dies. Equally important is separate protection insurance against the loss of income due to the main income earner suffering a serious illness or accident.

Some people are of the mindset that they don’t need to take out insurance because in their current situation they have no dependents. But as I am sure you’d agree, circumstances can and do change.

For example, you may like the idea of starting a family at some point and that may include taking out a mortgage. The sooner you buy life insurance that may be called upon to settle debts that you leave behind including a mortgage the better.

This is because life insurance premiums are worked out on your age and your current state of health including any previous medical issues. The longer you leave buying life insurance, the more it will cost you whereas, you can secure lower premiums for the entire duration of the policy term, if you buy sooner rather than later.

With one in four breadwinners in the UK without life assurance that leaves an estimated protection gap of £263 billion and for many that could mean severe financial hardship.

Don’t risk your peace of mind to chance, call us today to arrange your cover at the most competitive rates that we can find.

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