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Credit Report Reviews By True Cost Mortgages.

Do you know what’s registered against you ?

Your credit report is probably one of your most valuable assets but most clients don’t know what it contains. A Credit Report is a file that all lenders can access when they are considering your mortgage application. It will provide vital information about your attitude to credit. It will show how you have managed credit in the past and if you have any County Court Judgement’s or you have been made bankrupt. Most clients are aware that this information is available but don’t realise the consequences of a poor credit history.

True Cost Mortgages offer a Credit Report Review service which will allow you to fully understand your credit score as well as the contents of the credit report.

You can obtain a copy of your report by contacting one of the credit reference agencies. These are the companies that receive information from any provider of credit that you may have taken out. This will include bank accounts, utility companies, credit cards, loans, pay day loan and car insurance.

To obtain your report contact Experian, Equifax or  Credit Club.

Once you have your report call our review team FREE on 0800 035 2989 and we can review the report and advise on its contents and how it will effect your mortgage application.

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