Get your documents ready

Documents to support your mortgage application.

The mortgage lender will request certain documents to assess your mortgage application. They will expect to see all the documents to have your current address showing.

Most lenders use a credit scoring system so its imperative you ensure you can score as high as possible. Small things like not being on the electoral register can affect your score so make sure you are registered as soon as possible.

Ensure all you credit agreements for loans , HP agreements and credit cards are all registered to your current address.

Please note:

Your adviser will need to certify the document so will need to see the original. We recommend personal documents are not emailed unless a password has been created to protect the file.

We will provide you with access to our client portal via a link or on our website. Once registered you will be able to upload documents to your file direct securely and you can keep a track of your mortgage application.

Documents that you will need to provide.

  1. Proof of Identity. This can be a valid passport or driving licence. Please ensure your driving licence is in your current address
  2. Proof of address. This can be a utility bill, council tax bill or a bank statement that must be dated in the last 3 months.
  3. Last 3 months wage slips and latest P60 Paper or online wage slips are acceptable as long as they have your name clearly .
  4. Last 3 months bank statements Online or paper but they must show your name and current address. We require a full 3 months statement’s. Most high street banks provide access to PDF statements on online banking.
  5. Proof of deposit. This can be a savings account statement or savings book. You name and address must be on the document. If you are receiving a gift for your deposit then we will require a gifted deposit letter from the person providing the gift. 

Credit File. We recommend that you obtain your credit reports as early as possible in the process to check for errors and also make sure you’re correctly showing on the electoral roll. You can run a free report at Noddle or carry out a free check with a thirty-day trial at and this must be dated in last 3 months. 

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