Liverpool is a great choice for first time buyers

Liverpool offers a lot for first time buyers!

The Liverpool metropolitan area is the fifth most populous area in the UK with a population of 2.24 million as of 2018.

As a city and an area to live, the wider Liverpool conurbation offers a wealth of cultural, historical, musical and sporting history. Liverpool is the sixth most visited city in the UK and in the top 100 most popular city tourism destinations in the world.

The economy of Liverpool is one of the largest of any city in the UK being primarily supported by the services sector and that includes finance, insurance, health, education and banking and is one the two core economies in the North West of England.

With a growing knowledge economy, Liverpool is at the forefront of media, life sciences and benefits from the three universities and a UK top 30 performing secondary school.

For those who enjoy a little retail therapy the ‘Liverpool One’ shopping centre is one the top five retail destinations in the UK.

So against this positive and upbeat backdrop, how easy is it to buy a home and what are you getting for your money in the Liverpool area?

Well Liverpool stands very favourably when compared to the average property prices across the UK which is currently around £234,000. Average property prices in the Liverpool area are currently £160,000 and that is quite a difference!

First time buyers can still become house owners with terraced properties at below the £100,000 mark in a number of areas.

A vibrant local economy, affordable housing, great football and other world class cultural attractions undeniably makes Liverpool a top choice to work, live and play!

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