The difference between information and advice

Take professional ‘advice’ – don’t just rely on ‘information’ from the web to make one of the most important decisions of your life…

Whatever stage of the mortgage game you’re at, unless you happen to be a qualified financial advisor, solicitor and broker all rolled into one, you’ll need professional help to find and arrange your loan.

This guide presents some basic information on mortgages, but you’ll need to take specialist advice for your individual circumstances and that is what True Cost Mortgages are here for!

Having a general awareness of the processes involved and an idea of what’s available to you should help you to make the right decision when you choose your mortgage.

You should be aware, too, of the difference between ‘information’ and ‘advice’. Anyone can give information, and a survey of the web will offer literally thousands of pages about mortgages. Be aware of the legal aspects of mortgages and finances – any agreements should be in writing, and you should check all documents carefully before signing. Verbal agreements and information should always be backed up by written copies. Below are some useful starting points for you to explore.


The web offers any amount of information on mortgages – check that the pages are recent as rules and offers change constantly. Good sources of official information are:

The Financial Services Authority – includes a guide to money, mortgages and debt, plus details of regulatory bodies and ombudsmen at

Direct Gov – general information on finances and benefits

Inland Revenue – check the tax rules that apply to you


Anyone offering you advice should be a qualified professional. They should be registered with an appropriate independent regulatory body, and you can ask to see copies of their qualifications.

The advisers at True Cost Mortgages are all suitably qualified and offer long standing practical advice gathered over many years’ experience of helping others.

Don’t risk making the wrong decision about something this important – it really does pay to take professional advice. Contact us today.



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