The North of England is seen as the best opportunity for commercial landlords.

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According to a new study the biggest and best development opportunities in the next two years are for offices and flats in the North of England. Commercial landlords see this as a prime opportunity.

The study was conducted by the specialist finance company Together and the research shows that 37% of commercial landlords believe that the North East and North West are the best for investment while 27% favoured the West Midlands.

A key player in this is the Government backed aims to boost these areas economically and the Northern Powerhouse has helped raise the level of positivity felt among commercial landlords; particularly for the North East and North West of England.

Other parts of the UK were seen as less attractive for commercial landlords although London bucked the trend showing 36% interest from the sector.

The study was conducted nationally with a selected group of commercial landlords asking them about their growing confidence in the UK economy with 40% stating they were planning to increase their foothold in the North of England.

Primarily driven by the two big initiatives; The Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine landlords are focusing on which sectors are seen as offering the best opportunities for development.

This in turn calls for lenders to be more open and flexible to the needs of developers and being able to operate to tight funding deadlines.

The consensus among the landlords who took part in the study believe that flats offer great opportunity with 41% favouring that sector in the North while 40% choosing the Midlands.

As the sector increasingly opens up, you can be sure that we will be here to support the needs of borrowers who will want to jump onto the re-surging property bandwagon in the Liverpool and surrounding areas of the North West.

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